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The Witch’s Wheel of the Year

Winter Solstice 21st June

Birth of the Sun

At the winter solstice, the South Pole tilts its maximum distance away from the Sun creating the longest night. Since ancient times myths associated with the solstice speak of the Sun’s birth to a virgin goddess. Symbolically this turning point of the season’s speaks of endurance through hardship and calls us to never give in. 

Through the darknest night of the year the Sun is reborn at dawn reminding us that a beginning always follows an ending. The inward journey through winter now turns outward with the waxing Sun and the days become longer. 

With Love Danae Moon

A Spell

Burn a candle to assist the sun’s journey through the darkness. Imagine the flame entering your own heart to ignite hope and faith.


Danae Moon Thorp
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