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New Moon in Cancer June 29th at 12.52pm

Peaceful Home

Our home is a symbolic depiction of the heart and mind, a reflection. Clearing the home helps to clear the mind.

The magick of Cancer calls us into our shell, to make our living space comfortable and protective. Take the time to contemplate, to have a break and don’t be put off if plans are held back or diverted. Simply let go for a while.

We need time to rejuvenate and simply be, so this new moon go within and rest.

Life is a continual quest for meaning and connection but sometimes in the quiet of the moment everything falls into place, and for a little while we feel at peace.

With Love Danae Moon

A Spell for a Peaceful Home

Burn white and blue candles.

Ring a bell through your home.

Burn sage to clear energy.


Danae Moon Thorp
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