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Writing and Publications

Becoming the Witch: the Art of Magick
(To be released October 2021)

The Book takes the reader to the fascinating world of the Witch, to her sacred thinking, to her heart, to her ways of creating a magickal life. The voice in the book is the Witch herself. Through her, an enchanting, powerful world is explored: the myths, the moon, familiars, the fae and Nature are at the core of this realm.

I am a Witch demystifies the magnificent archetype of the Witch and her art, reminding the reader that ‘she’ exists in everyone and is part of the global movement returning us to honour the spirit of Earth and the sacred feminine.

Turn the pages of I am a Witch to understand magick, to know where to find it, ways to create it and how to weave it into the fabric of life.

Murphy Hailstone: Raven Witch
(Work in Progress - 2020)

Fifteen-year-old Murphy lives with her widowed father. She is the ‘weird girl’ at school because she speaks to spirits. Life changes when she finds a box of magical objects belonging to her deceased mother. In the box there is a grimoire – a witch’s book of knowledge.

Murphy reinvents herself and begins casting spells. With new friends Darpana and Aubrey, she forms a coven in an abandoned house. There, they discover clues that reveal the tragic past life of the resident ghost, Darcy. One of the clues is a rare, priceless coin.

Witch's Dream Book (2003)

Witch's Spell Book (2003)

Witch's Diary and Calendar​

These diaries and calendars include magick knowledge of the moon phases, the witch’s sabbats and symbolism. I created them for the Southern Hemisphere.

2020 Diary

2019 Diary

2020 Calendar

2019 Calendar

2018 Calendar

Danae Moon Thorp
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