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Black Moon - New Moon in Gemini

The New Moon is in Gemini on the 30th May 9.30 pm AEST

Connect with Magickal inspiration

This is the second new moon in the month of May. Sometimes referred to as a black moon.  It is in the sign of Gemini, the magickal twins of the zodiac.

Time to take a break and clear your mind. Turn regrets into chances to learn, and pain into deepening your character.

This new moon is the perfect time to lighten up and find the funny side of life. Things can be tough and there is a lot of heartache in the world but, worry does nothing to help. No matter how hard life is, children will always play.

Take the hands of the Gemini twins and free your mind. Gemini is ruled by the Air Element so use your breath to relax, come into the moment and make bold and courageous decisions.

With Love,
Danae Moon

A Spell to connect with Magickal Inspiration:

Ignite 3 yellow candles.
Burn incense of rose, sandalwood and benzoin.
Move howlite and lepidolite through the smoke.
Hold crystals to your brow for and breath 3 times.

Danae Moon Thorp
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