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Full Moon in Sagittarius June 14th at 9.52pm


A supermoon occurs when the full or new moon is at its closest point to Earth along its orbit. It appears to be brighter and larger.

The full moon on the 14th of June is in the sign of Sagittarius and calls us to idealism and adventure. The theme of spirituality continues with this full moon, so delve further into your soul, listen to your inner voice and value honesty.  

Be mindful of sensitivity and protect yourself energetically. The square with Neptune in Pisces may give rise to unexpected emotions that may feel overwhelming. Try and balance yourself in nature and feel the earth in your hands.

There is an opportunity this full moon to break free of old patterns. If we can keep emotions in balance and at the same time nurture what we feel passionate about we will step closer to who we want to be.


With Love Danae Moon the Spellbox Witch


A Spell

Make a small circle of leaves.

Inside burn 5 red candles around a carnelian crystal.

Carry crystal with you until the new moon.



Danae Moon Thorp
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