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Psychic Insight

There are two new moons in May this year bringing opportunities to renew and reinvent.

The new moon on the 1st of May is in the sign of Taurus. Taurus is an Earth sign ruled by the planet of beauty and pleasure, Venus. Its energy urges us to be steady, practical but to also enjoy life and take the time to find what soothes the mind, heart and body.

This beautiful new moon however, is in a conjunction with Uranus. A conjunction blends the energies of the planets involved and intensifies them. The energy of Uranus is progressive, charged with enthusiasm for the new and the unusual.

Under the magick of this new moon you may well yearn for different experiences. You may find ways to live a more alternative lifestyle, earn money from innovative projects and manifest something surprising and unusual.

We are in constant change and when we combine practicality with ingenuity something profound is birthed.

This new moon, find ways to enjoy yourself and discover how to create a life that is not only grounded—it is electric with inventiveness and psychic insight.


With Love,
Danae Moon Thorp


Light a purple candle
Anoint your heart, brow and crown with ylang-ylang oil

Carry a pouch of lavender, rue, mugwort and dragon’s blood.


Danae Moon Thorp
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