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Full Moon in Leo 17th February 2022

The full moon on the 17th of February 2022 is in the fire sign of Leo. Leo is playful, romantic and yearns to be acknowledged- to have an impact on the world. This energy will be the inspiration for your imagination and emotional life during this lunar phase. 
Keep in mind this full moon is in opposition to Saturn, the planet that brings us to truth. Saturn always reminds us to venture beyond feelings, to be responsible and to be aware of our fears and limitations. 
When planets are in opposition, two opposing energies are brought together creating tension. However, if a compromise is made, growth and balance result as each planet benefits from the other’s strength. 
So, we have imaginative play inspired by the feminine moon staring at the old, wise man of Saturn telling us to be real. How can you make these opposites work together? 
You can, by expressing what is real to you- speak truthfully with imagination and grace. Avoid the mundane and surface language, shine a light on your fears, show others who you are and become the artist of your life. 
If it is hard to know what is your truth, express your intention in the mystical language of a spell and you will move closer to the answer. 
With love Danae Moon the SpellBox Witch 


A Spell For Artistry 
Burn 3 red candles to invoke manifestation. 
Anoint your hands and feet with patchouli oil- to bless your creativity and the path you walk. 
Draw a circle to connect with spirituality and write your name in it. Burn the paper on the candles to invigorate your intention with energy.

Danae Moon Thorp
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