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Full Moon Virgo March 18th at 5:18 pm


Leadership and Power

The intensity of the last new moon will heighten at the full moon on the 18th of March bringing power and new direction if you are open to the opportunities offered.

The moon is in Virgo, the sign aligned with renewal, detail and order so take time to look deeply into your moods, your daily patterns and your reactions. This will bring the self-awareness needed to make changes.

This full moon trines with Pluto the planet of awakening so major shifts in your life will bring great benefits even if they seem disruptive. Its aspect is in opposition to Jupiter and Neptune ( in Pisces) strengthening spiritual values and giving rise to exciting ideas. Weave this optimism with the self-awareness with the curious nature of Virgo and your life will be enriched.

This full moon is an opportunities to understand your spiritual power and with that comes the responsibility to community- to lead others to their own fulfilment.

   Love, Danae Moon

Create your intention.

Insert 5 pins into a green candle and ignite.

Draw a pentagram on paper.

Anoint paper with juniper oil.

Move through flame 5 times then bury in Earth.



Danae Moon Thorp
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