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Meaning and Purpose

The next full moon is on the 16th of May, in the mystic sign of Scorpio. Scorpio takes us deep into the waters of the occult, into the mysteries of spirituality.

This is the opportunity offered by this full moon and will be intensified by the moon’s trine with Neptune and Mars in Pisces, bringing passion and unlimited possibility into your life.

This is the time to break free from restriction and enrich your life with beauty and spirituality. When we help others, love the planet and its creatures. When we invent and create joy, we bring change.
This is where purpose is birthed and meaning discovered.

With Love,
Danae Moon Thorp


Create a circle with rose petals.
Inside the circle burn 3 blue candles.
On paper draw a circle and write your name in it.
Anoint the paper with hyssop oil. Place under pillow.


Danae Moon Thorp
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