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New Moon in Aries - April 1st at 4:24pm AEST Banish Fear

The new moon shadows the night on the 1st of April bringing a great opportunity to release and renew. Growth and transformation is a slow process, a gradual peeling off of layers to find balance, truth and connection. Under the new moon this potential is heightened. Aries calls us to be inventive and to be brave. The new moon encourages freedom from restriction from external forces but also from within.

As the Neptune Jupiter conjunction intensifies, we need to be aware that how we see ourself and the world will also intensify so work hard to understand your fears as well as your wildest dreams.

An auspicious heavenly event will take place on the 12th of April when Neptune and Jupiter will conjunct in the same degree in Pisces so connect with the new moon’s energy, be courageous and seek self-knowledge.

Aries energy is warrior-like, time to gather your courage and banish fear.

With love Danae Moon


Cast a circle.

Anoint a black candle with frankincense.

Burn rosemary and juniper incense.

Move your hands through the smoke.

Ignite the candle.

Dissolve your circle.


Danae Moon Thorp
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