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The Neptune and Jupiter Conjunction in Pisces


Prepare for some amazing energy on the 12th of April when Neptune and Jupiter come together in Pisces at 23 degrees. 

Neptune is the planet of altered states, it calls us to escape from the mundane, to dive deep into the waters of abstract thinking. Jupiter is optimistic, a visionary, it calls us to our potential for unconditional love and luck.

The last time these planets were in conjunction in Pisces was 1856, a time when mysticism surged in Europe.

The element of  Pisces is water, Jupiter and Neptune are its rulers. This conjunction will bring two massive currents together- a flood of spiritual awareness, connection, alternative thinking, interest in the arts and heightened intuition.

We need to shift our perspective, to care for each other and for the planet. Break the chains of limitations and embrace this heavenly occurrence and you will experience the divine.

This conjunction remains within 1 degree from April 7th to the 17th.


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Danae Moon Thorp




Danae Moon Thorp
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