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Interview with Lucy Cavendish- Imagining the Witch


Lucy’s episode description:

Once upon a time, when we could all travel the magickal lands of the world, many a pointy-hatted pilgrim would wind their way to a sacred site right in the middle of the Royal Arcade in Melbourne…Spellbox. A Witches home-away-from-home, Spellbox was a magickal store that is all red velvet curtains, beautiful besoms adorning colourful walls, exotic scents, lovely sounds, and essential ingredients for spllecasters spilling off the deep antique bookshelves. It’s all just a little Gothic, very beautiful and utterly enchanting. The creator of this iconic space is Danae Moon Thorp, whose personal vision, creativity and courage gave so many Southern Hemisphere Witches a glorious refuge in the heart of the city – a place to remember that they were indeed magickal. Now Danae Moon Thorp has written and published her very first book – Becoming the Witch: The Art of Magick. Its prose is lyrical and poetic, the information sound and true, and it is an absolute joy to read. Of course, it’s also beautiful. I could not wait to have Danae on the show to speak about creating Spellbox, the ups and downs of the 20-year-history of this landmark boutique store for discerning Witches, and the stories and spells behind the writing of her first book. In this soulful conversation, Danae speak about the link between Imagination and Witchcraft, how to rekindle the fire of your wild mind and spirit, and ways to reimagine your craft, activate your spells, and become a Witch inspired and thus a Witch free. During tough times, the connection between your imagination and your spirit is utterly essential – please join us for a heartfelt conversation full of beauty and wisdom in our sonic sacred circle. Oh – and we play some of Danae’s fave tunes – they are AMAZING! And, given the bruising times we are within, Lucy offers a Blessing from the Morrighan – for Peace as High as the Sky…Peace Eternal. Blessed Be, beautiful souls. And may peace be with us all.


Danae Moon Thorp
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