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Full Moon in Aries on the 21st of October

Full Moon in Aries on the 21st October at 12:57 am

Prepare for some major shifts in your psyche with a brilliant full moon in Aries on the 21st of October just after midnight. This full moon follows the end of both Mercury and Jupiter retrograde on the 18th bringing some needed relief to struggle and hardship. Hooray!

Aries energy inspires innovation and risk-taking so it may be time to step out of old patterns of thinking and adapt to the changes around you in a creative way. Action and bravery will align you to a deeper truth within and lead the way into a brighter future. This may be a time to set goals and plan into action, to welcome new ideas and reinvent.

The moon’s astrological square with Pluto may bring in the unexpected so strengthen your core, be determined and steadfast.

Under this full moon’s glow become one with the noble ram and step into the Light.

With love Danae Moon the SpellBox Witch.

Bewitch your Life Spell
Burn a red and a purple candle together. Burn white sage and carry a bloodstone.


Danae Moon Thorp
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