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Full Moon in Libra 6th April at 14:35

The next full moon illuminates the night sky on the 6th of April. In the sign of Libra, the moon’s magickal weave connects us to harmony, justice and diplomacy. Considering another’s point of view comes into play, as does a deeper understanding of humanity. You may find yourself reflecting on past conflicts with others and seeing the situation in a different light, in a gentler and more understanding way. At the same time it is important to give energy to those who enhance your life and support you. Take a step back from relationships that drain you energetically and attempt to discover what you are learning from the experience.

Sometimes we need a rest from striving forward, to regroup and connect with peace. This is the way of this full moon.

The moon’s opposition to Jupiter calls on us to expand our inner world, to see the big picture and to hold our values close. When we have peace of mind, consideration of others and forgiveness, opportunities arise from a divine source.

Clear troubled thoughts with a spell, a walk or simple meditation. Find a symbol of peace to connect with; a bird, a song or a tree. Allow problems from the past to become knowledge, be as kind as you can and you will elevate to a truer version of yourself.

With Love, Danae Moon

Full Moon Spell: To balance the mind, charge a kitchen knife (or your athame) by moving it through incense of mugwort, benzoin and sandalwood. Leave under the full moon. Every day until the new moon, breathe onto the knife and touch your brow with it 7 times.


Danae Moon Thorp
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