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New Moon Aquarius 2022

New Moon in Aquarius 1st February at 3:46 pm

The new moon in Aquarius brings renewal at the time of Lammas and the Chinese New Year of the Tiger. The air sign of Aquarius calls for growth on every level. Its themes are freedom as well as caring for your community. Then you are authentic and honest, you inspire everyone around you and at a deeper level, you may even heal others.

This Aquarian moon is conjunct with Saturn, the teacher of self-control calling you look at limitations in a spiritual light and to bring meaning to everything. The square with Uranus advises against unbridled emotion and hasty decisions. Take your time, breath into the moment, investigate life and tread gently.
Life isn’t easy right now but when we look beyond our fears and reach out to others something profound takes place—kindness.

With love Danae Moon the SpellBox Witch

Spell for Freedom and Grace;

Burn copal with sandalwood.
Draw yourself on paper with wings and move through the smoke 9 times.
Place under your pillow.

Danae Moon Thorp
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