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New Moon in Leo July 29th at 3.55am AEST

Magick of Play

The new moon shadows in the sky at 3.55am on the 29th of July in the sign of Leo. Leo magick activates the heart space and spins childlike vulnerability. Sadly, as we grow out of childhood, we forget the power of play and the imagination. We also forget innocence. Innocence holds strong magick. It is a pure, untainted energy. When we truly play, we let go of our worries and we come into the moment. We also open to inspiration.

Be mindful that the moon’s opposition to Pluto in Capricorn may give rise to fear of change so there may be some hesitation. However, be assured the Heavens will support your growth as the new moon trines with Jupiter in Aries. This will support your connection to the beauty of play with a promise of good fortune. How do you play?

With love,

Danae Moon Thorp

The Spell

Carve you name on a pink candle.

Burn mugwort.

Leave a coin for someone to find.

Play music and dance.

Danae Moon Thorp
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