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New Moon in Aries 22nd March 03:23

Hopefully the grounding energy of the last full moon inspired some foundation building for your plans and aspirations. Keep steady as you venture into the opportunities offered by the next new moon in the fire sign of Aries. The sign of the ram activates action and innovation so you may feel the call to race head first into your hopes and wishes but it is important to maintain balance at this time and allow new ideas to unfold. Remember that everything takes place when the time is right so there is no need to hurry. Trust in the process and remain true to yourself. Aries strives for authenticity so time should be of no consequence. Hold strong to your intentions, take gentle steps of action, seek ways to innovate and dreams will manifest.

The moon’s square with Mars in Pisces may present some challenges if passions are allowed to overwhelm, so keep a clear head while venturing forward. The moon’s conjunction with Mercury calls for honest communication and her conjunction with Neptune reminds you to bring spiritual values into reality. It is important to walk your talk, something that isn’t always easy.

This new moon bless your inner child, be wise as well as fantastic and know opportunity is the gift of the brave and inventive.

With love,

Danae Moon

New Moon Spell:

To invoke innovation, burn 3 orange candles. Anoint your hands, feet, heart and head with patchouli oil. Flick some wax from a candle onto paper 3 times and psychically interpret the shape.


Danae Moon Thorp
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