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New Moon in the sign of Virgo 7th of September 2021.

New Moon in Virgo  7th September at 10:52 am

Have you ever written a divine plan? You may wonder what one actually is. On this New Moon enter into the realm of your imagination and create your very own. Firstly, ask yourself what you would like to connect with magickally.

By nature things considered ‘divine’ are not of the mundane world so move beyond the material world and create a plan for your spiritual growth.

How to be braver, accepting, compassionate and understanding of others are some to the concepts you may wish to explore.

To do this look into your past and try to recognise why and when you have been hurt and also when you may have hurt others.

The energy of Virgo asks us to detox and to renew, to pull things apart and build them again. We grow through self-knowledge and by understanding why we think the way we do.

The New Moon’s conjunction with Mars will ensure that passion and energy flow into your plan and the favourable trine with Uranus will add a new vision for your own divine purpose.

The current difficult times may be an opportunity to reach inward with curiosity and create a plan of divine inspiration.

With love Danae Moon the SpellBox Witch

A Spell: Carve the word ‘plan’ onto a green candle and the symbol of an eye.
Burn mugwort and lavender together. Move an amazonite crystal through the smoke 7 times.

Kind Regards
Danae the SpellBox Witch


Danae Moon Thorp
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