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For the World

The full moon on the 12th of August is in the sign of Aquarius and calls us to consider new approaches for personal growth. Now is the time to look deeply at old conditioning that keeps us at arms-length from others and to truly embrace the concept that we are all ‘one family’ connected and influenced by each other. Aquarian energy inspires care for the community and the world at large. This can often be overwhelming because there are so many problems around us that it is difficult to know what to do. But like ripples in a pond every little action makes a difference.

Prepare also for temporary hardship with the moon’s conjunction with Saturn. The energy of Saturn gives rise to what we need to learn for this planet is the ‘teacher’ of the zodiac. Problems may seem overwhelming and home life a little disruptive so embrace patience, breath and ground yourself. The moon’s square with Mars and Uranus in Taurus, is a time to steady yourself and direct anger into creativity or calm expression.

When life is hard a divine response is to think of others in the same position and to connect with them energetically. Bring the light of Mother Moon into your heart.

With Love,
Danae Moon Thorp


A Spell

Carve the words, ‘One Family’ on a purple candle.

Anoint the candle with frankincense oil.

Burn copal, rose and sandalwood incense.


Danae Moon Thorp
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