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New Moon in Pisces on 20th February at 17:06

The new moon on the 20th of February is in the sign of Pisces. The symbol of Pisces is two fish swimming opposite directions in the watery realm of imagination, feelings and the psychic. Sometimes under the influence of Pisces you may find yourself pulled in two directions and indecisive, if so, concentrate on balance in your life, keeping one foot on the ground, in reality and the other in the waters of your dreams.

This is particularly potent with the new moon’s conjunct with Saturn, the planet that reminds us of our limitations and responsibilities. The sensitive and boundless fish of Pisces are hand in hand with the ‘father of limits and self-control’. Two very distinct energies at play.

Responsibility and the imagination can combine with a deep understanding of both. Responsibility is about committing to authenticity, allowing others to make their own choices and to owning your life. Imagination is boundless possibility. To realise a possibility requires an understanding that the choices you make today create what you dream of.

Life is challenging, there is so much we need to juggle, so take that breath again and come into the present and all will be well.

Under the shadow of the new moon know that fulfillment is birthed when responsibility and dreams combine.

With Love,
Danae Moon the Spellbox Witch

A Spell

To appease the watery energy of Pisces, create a dream pouch of mugwort, wood betony, thyme, lavender and sandalwood. Add 10 drops of rose oil. Sleep with the pouch and see what messages you receive in your dreams. 


Danae Moon Thorp
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