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The Simply Beauty of Witchcraft.

In my book Becoming the Witch: the Art of Magick, I explore how witchcraft brings meaning 
and purpose because it is a natural, imaginative way of seeing the world. There are many
traditions in witchcraft and ways of approaching the art. For me witchcraft is an innate
relationship with nature, an acknowledgment of the divine and something so deeply personal
that every witch has their own unique story.

Am I a witch?

I am often asked, “How do I know if I am a witch?” I believe if you have asked this question,
you already know that you are one. If you are fascinated with the idea of magick, if you know
your dreams are important, that animals are your teachers and if you believe a spirit resides in
Nature then you are a witch.

If you are drawn to casting a spell, to the language of symbols and the making of charms then this is what a witch does. If you know that we are all
connected, that the moon holds you in an energetic embrace and there is a mystical
undercurrent in all things you have a bewitching outlook.

If you wish to connect with the Goddess then you are indeed a witch. Witchcraft is a way of seeing yourself, the world around you and other realms so there
is no need to feel overwhelmed by ‘having to do’ anything that doesn’t feel natural to you.

There are potent things you can do in your busy life to imbue it with magick, to bring you
back into balance, to bless your life and to give thanks. The most effective energy in magick
is naturalness, going with the flow and liberating your imagination. So, create meaning and
ease for yourself. Here are some joyful things to consider.

1. Create a simple altar. This is where you keep significant tools and magickal
objects. It is a place in the home where you can cast a spell, meditate, make an offering or
simply look at.

I like to change my altar around not only for occasions like the sabbats but
just because it is a peaceful, creative activity.

2. Connect with Nature. Listen to the songs of morning birds. What message do they
bring you? Touch a tree and ask for a message.

Allow the message to rise in your

3. Cast a circle around you anytime. What does your circle look like?

4. Light a candle every night. As you do this ask that peace and love come into your

5. Cleanse your home every week with spiritual incense. Ring a bell to ‘lift’ the
vibration of love.

6. Choose a tarot or playing card every day to see what energy the day will bring.

7. Take notice of your dreams. Interpret the messages. Dreams tell us about ourselves,
what resides in the subconscious. Our familiars and spirits visit us in dreams as do our

8. When a loved one passes or on their anniversary light a candle at your altar or place
an offering on the altar like an apple.

9. Speak to your familiar or guiding spirit.

10. Learn how to care for the Earth and animals. Every small step counts.

11. See others as spiritual beings on a journey of discovery.

12. See your life as a spiritual adventure. Even during the hard times.

13. Pause a few times during the day. Breathe deeply and allow your mind to rest.

14. Look at the night sky and be in awe of its mystery.

15. Follow the path of the moon. On the full moon place a bowl of water outside and
anoint your heart with it the next day.

16. When you are lost ask for sacred guidance.

17. Play and be imaginative.

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Danae Moon Thorp
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